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The online registration module enables employees of Al Tayer Group (ATG) to access various web based applications (currently Performance Enhancement System and Listening Post) at anytime, from anywhere. The registration is open to all employees as it is a prerequisite to access the ATG’s web based applications. Whether an employee is having an altayer issued email IDs or not, the registration module assists in creating a user profile using both official and personal email IDs.

The registration site is the gateway to availing current online applications, and in future other employee services, by establishing credentials of ATG employees. Employees are thus required to enter their details accurately and verify the data while creating their profile and registering. It will be employees’ responsibility to ensure privacy and confidentiality of their registration details and keeping it updated with most recent email IDs and contact numbers. The registration module ensures privacy & integrity of employee's personal data but does not take responsibility for employees not exercising due caution at their end to reasonably protect confidentiality of their data either by carelessly or willfully giving out private/ personal details allowing access to others to the system using their account. Following which the company also does not take responsibility for alteration or loss of data or misrepresentation arising out of either wrong usage or abuse of the system by the employees than what is ordinarily prescribed. The company reserves the right to take appropriate action where any malicious action is noted or brought to attention against such employee/s.

While the company has taken the necessary measure to ensure registration module’s accessibility and availability to all eligible users all the time all the year round, it does not take responsibility of user's inability to access the system, or speed of access, due to ISP issues, hardware or software related issues in user's machine, or any other factor outside the control of the company, including but not limited to, unexpected server problem, or unscheduled maintenance or downtime warranted to redress technical problems. It is expected, that the user of the system will save entered information wherever required before exiting the system. The company does not take responsibility for loss of unsaved data or text due to user's inadvertent closing of the form in which information was being entered, or loss of internet or wireless connectivity, or if user's PC was to hang while entering/ updating information in the system. The company encourages registered users to remember their user log-in ID & password or keep them handy to avail of on line services.

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